Northern Comfort are a Manchester digital agency.

We work with creative agencies and businesses to find answers to their questions.

Questions about web and digital projects, for themselves or for their clients.

We believe in finding answers.

What’s your question?

For businesses.

You could buy a website off-the-peg and hope it fits you. But that’s not what we do.

A website should be bespoke. It should fit your business. The answer should fit the question; not the other way around.

This means asking smart questions. We want to find out what matters to you, your customers, and your business. Why you do what you do. Why you get up in the morning. What your aims and targets are. What your overall strategy is. What your brand stands for (and doesn’t stand for).

These are good questions. They demand good answers.

We’ve been asking questions about digital since 1999. Questions which have led to us understanding:

  • How customers will use the world’s first internet bank
  • Why students choose a University
  • Why homeowners buy houses
  • How to make people care about their health
  • Why people shop

We believe in finding answers.

What’s your question?

For creative agencies.

We partner with creative agencies to become the digital department of their business.

This isn’t just coding a site for you.

It’s providing a full service across the life-cycle of a project — exactly as if you had a full digital department in your agency, with strategy, pitch, design, SEO, UX, coding and after-project support / maintenance.

Finding the right digital freelancer is a pain.

We’ve done it countless times and know how much stress it can add to a project.

Our aim is to take this stress away from you.

Do any of these problems sound familiar:

The site is built, but MILES away from your design.
Your developer vanishes half-way through the project.
The back-end is too complicated for the client.
You've no-one to help you develop the pitch, or the solution.
The developer doesn't add value beyond the literal build.

We can provide answers to all these problems, and more.

Download our PDF to see how.

Our Clients: