Coming, as it did, nearly 150 years before the introduction of the modern personal computer, my great-great-great-great-grandfather, Desborough Mountsteven Dobson’s, decision to start a Digital and Social Media Agency was considered a confusing and foolhardy endeavor at the time. Initially that assessment proved true as Desborough spent years at his desk just waiting for the world to evolve to the point where his services would be needed.

It was not until his wife, Delza Abigail, passed from Milkmaid’s Lung and left him with four young children to support and raise on his own that he took a more proactive approach to his business. Writing in his diary in December of 1848 he declared,


“Going fore-ward the purpose of Northern Comfort shall be to serve as the undisclos’ed technological engine behind our clients’ ideas and their clients’ ideas moreover. We will be as the goat who turns the treadwheel which powers the ferryboat. Desiring not the notoriety of the ferryboat captain but merely to do our work and ask for not more than to chew on a leather boot or a tinned can.”

And for generations to come that’s what Northern Comfort would be: the company behind the companies that made history.


Thanks to the efforts of my ancestors who helped steer technology to where it is today, I am finally in the position that Desborough Mountsteven Dobson dreamed of all those years ago: operating Northern Comfort as a true digital and social media agency (and only rarely stepping in when the future of technology or world affairs needs a course correction).

As we have for seven generations, we continue to work in the background, these days for other creative agencies as an alternative to an expensive, in-house digital department.

Need help with digital?

We specialise in partnering with creative agencies to provide the digital department they don’t have. Working alongside you to deliver digital projects from initial pitch to final delivery we give the same professional service to your clients as you do, allowing you to work with clients of any size, on any project, without having to worry about anything other than what you do best.

In this work we can either be seem to be a part of your agency as far as the client is concerned, sharing an email address and taking no credit for the work; or as an external partner working alongside you as Northern Comfort. Some of our clients wish to appear ‘bigger’ to their customers; in these cases we act as part of their company. It’s like they’ve acquired a whole digital arm to their business overnight.

One of the real benefits comes from us working with you at pitch stage, rather than just being briefed on a coding job once the details are decided. This allows you to present knowledgeably to your client what is possible within their budgets and timescales right from the start.

In order to keep our service levels to the standards our customers (and their customers) require we are selective about who we work with, but if you’ve a project you want to discuss, do get in touch and we can take it from there. Recommended; talk to us early in the project. We can add more value the sooner we’re brought in.

Some of our collaborators:

  • Wickes
  • Biffa
  • Sailor Jerry Rum
  • L&Q
  • Ingenious Ideas
  • Shootmedia
  • DigitasLBi
  • Travis Perkins
  • Beefeater

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