Speed Reading


Spritz is a speed reading app launched recently – or ‘reading, reimagined’ as they’ve trademarked. It basically flashes up one word at a time, at faster speeds than you would otherwise read, to enable you to get to 1000 words per minute (wpm). You can try it at the site. I’ll wait. I’ve tried other […]

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Social Media Strategy (or not)


We’ve been having a lot of discussions recently with clients about their ‘social media strategy’. It’s an odd one, because, well, really I’m not sure that exists. If you have a ‘social media strategy’, that probably means that you just want to have some accounts on Twitter, Facebook etc, and want someone to post on […]

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One Copy Song


One Copy Song is a Facebook app that allows only one person to listen to a song at a time before passing it to the next person in line – it was created in order to publicise the Adam Tensta (big in Swedish rap, apparently) track, appropriately titled “Pass it on”. It worked as a Facebook […]

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Terrible writing = Page views

It’s easy to mock. And in the case of Dave Berry: the 10 albums every man should own, very easy. This morning this article has gone round social media sites faster than you can say Samantha Brick, mainly because it IS a terrible article. If you’re writing an article about the albums every man should […]

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What is Social Media?

A couple of years ago I wrote this presentation on Social Media, its uses, what to pay attention to and what not, and how it can be used to define your social media or engagement strategy. It still holds true, other than one glaringly bad choice of image (retrospectively) and the old branding. Since I […]

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How to build a website for a small business

We work mainly with specialist agencies who don’t have a digital arm to their business, creating website and apps for their end clients in collaboration with the agency. Sometimes small businesses/sole traders come to us for a site –  but increasingly there are free, or very inexpensive, options to asking people like us to build you […]

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“If you have to pay to get it, it’s not loyalty”

Great guest post over at Gapingvoid about Customer Loyalty programmes, sort of, but also really about making great stuff for your customers, and inspiring loyalty in them. Couple of great bits worth pulling out: The key to understanding (and ultimately benefitting from) true “customer loyalty” is to recognize and respect that customers–as people– are deeply loyal […]

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