Hip Hop Friday – 11th October

It’s Friday – so it’s Hip Hop friday. Here’s KRS-ONE from 1990 – Love’s Gonna Get You (Material Love). Have a great weekend.


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What is Social Media?

A couple of years ago I wrote this presentation on Social Media, its uses, what to pay attention to and what not, and how it can be used to define your social media or engagement strategy. It still holds true, other than one glaringly bad choice of image (retrospectively – see if you can spot it).

Since I wrote it, it’s had nearly 8k views on Slideshare, has been used in a number of college courses around the UK and got some great feedback:

“Recommended reading” – James Davies, Chief Strategy Officer UK & USA, Posterscope

“Bloody love it” – Will McInnes, Managing Director NixonMcinnes, Author of ‘Cultureshock’.

“Should probably change that image” – Peter Holden, MD of Holden & Sons.

Have a look, and please retweet, share or comment.

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How’s that for a headline? But first, a story.

A few years ago, students at Harvard were asked to make a decision – would they rather work for an annual salary of $50k in a job where all their co-workers earned $25k, or work for $100k where all their co-workers earned $250k. On paper, pretty straightforward choice – the second job pays double. DOUBLE.


The majority of the students chose the first option. In psychology it’s called ‘loss aversion’ – in the second scenario a part of you feels strongly that you’ve ‘lost’ $150k. Monkeys feel the same, apparently – they’re twice as motivated by the worry of losing something as they are by pleasure of gaining something. It’s hard-wired in our monkey brains.

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Carrie – Telekinesis in a Coffee Shop

THIS is how you do social media promotion – spend the time and money to make something amazing, seed it well, and stand back as everyone posts it around their various social media channels for you. The idea that you can make a video for 10p and it suddenly becomes viral is a bit of myth, based around the few outlier videos which do make it. You don’t hear about the thousands of cheap things which don’t take off, because, well, because they don’t take off. Take the time and resource to create something amazing which links in perfectly with what you’re promoting, is surprising, exciting and which people WANT to share – “LOOK AT THIS” – and you increase your chances of success to the point where – well, how could this video not become popular. Over 3m views at time of posting, and it was posted a day ago.

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I’ve recently come back from a 6-month ‘sabbatical’ working as Head of Digital at Holden & Sons. They’re a family-run creative agency in Manchester – really good, talented people and a lot of fun to work with. But – I left to get back to running northern comfort. Here’s why.

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Lots of new clients!

Phew! We’ve done quite a bit of work recently, and haven’t had time to update our own site – cobbler’s children have no shoes, etc. I’ve now updated the client page with some of them, but here’s a quick list of stuff we’ve done:

  • Orange Amplifiers – new WordPress design and build
  • Odeon Cinemas – data visualisation and presentation
  • One Manchester - various WordPress coding jobs
  • TRW Automotive – extranet design and build
  • The Ooh Tray – new WordPress design and build

For some reason lots of customers beginning with ‘O’. We’ve also just completed a great responsive site for a client in Manchester, which I’ll post something up about once it goes live, and have a few more jobs in the pipeline including some data visualisation work (streaming information from a database and presenting online in real time), a great iPad magazine, and a couple more websites.

If you need any digital creative work, please get in touch!


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Work Hard and Graft On

In tribute to Mo Farah – work hard and graft on. Click for high-res PDF download, if you like.

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sleep is the enemy

Northern Comfort is a Manchester web design agency. We build websites for companies and businesses, but there are many times when I explain how to do it themselves rather than come through us. This is generally when the client’s web requirements are quite small and simple. It’s easy for an agency to agree with you about what you need, especially as they can charge for it, but increasingly there are free, or very inexpensive, options to asking people like us to build you a website.

There are a lot of things to consider when setting up a site, and often I think businesses become confused about what’s needed, and so just give it someone like us to sort out. That’s fine of course (contact details at the top…) but if you’re relatively savvy with a computer you can do most of it yourself.

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A water coloured Northern Quarter


Web design for M62 Location Scout


Web design and WordPress theme for M62 Location Scout

Another new web design from us, this time for Manchester based M62 Location Scout. An adaptation of an existing WordPress theme, so a quick and easy job, but I still like it – a nice clean web design!

Visit them here http://www.m62locationscout.com

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