Guest checkout

7th January 2022

Imagine this scenario in the real world–you go to the till to buy, and before the cashier scans the tag to ring it through the till, they ask you to fill in a form with your name, address, email, business name, date of birth and email, so they can send you future discounts. 

They then refuse to sell you the item until you fill this form in—how do you think that would affect sales? 

Nobody would ever do it. 

An obviously better approach is to let you buy and then when you’re done, ask for your email for a discount on future sales. 

Be wary of asking people to set up accounts before buying online, or when asking for too much information before they can checkout.

Considering how the equivalent of an online process has been solved in the real world of retail can be incredibly valuable when understanding how to sell more online, and when wanting to increase your conversion rate.

Written by Rob Dobson

Rob Dobson has been working in digital and building websites for 20 years. From designing and developing the world’s first internet bank in 1999 (, he founded Northern Comfort in 2010.

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